Transfer Ticket

Step-by-step guide on how to transfer your ticket:

Access your account on the website.

Click on "my tickets" and locate the ticket you want to transfer.

Click on the "transfer ticket" button.

Then, a screen will open to enter the email address of your guest. It's important that they have an account on the Ingresse website.

If they don't have an account, an email will be sent with instructions for them to create one. They must use the same email they received the invitation on.

ATTENTION: Double-check your guest's email address and confirm with them the correct information to avoid sending the ticket to the wrong email. Once the invitation is sent, you can "cancel sending" if the guest hasn't accepted the invitation. Once the guest accepts the invitation, they become the ticket holder, and only they can return the ticket to the original buyer.

If you still need help, choose the way you prefer to speak with our team.

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